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Liberty Fire Co. #2 History


Liberty Fire Company #2 of Bangor, Pennsylvania was formed on July 4, 1908 by a group of 30 men from the Cider Club located on the property of William Frutchey on the corner of North 7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue (now apartments).

They bound together to protect the people in the Fourth Ward, which was up on the hill and too far for the Men of Rescue Fire Company to pull the hose cart.

They were granted a charter on October 26, 1908 and on December 4, 1908 held their first official meeting under the name of Liberty Fire Company #2.

The following year, the members began to build a firehouse on North 8th Street. They purchased the lot from Milton Flory.

On April 11, 1910, the 30 dedicated men, with the contracting help of John Stiles began to build the firehouse; Construction was completed on February 6th 1911.

Today, the firehouse still serves as the home of Liberty Fire Company #2, the Home of the Dirty 30.

Photo Date Unknown

This photo was taken in the very early years of Liberty Fire Company #2.

Although we have no record of the men in the photo, we are sure that some of these gentlemen were the founding members of Liberty Fire Company #2.

One of the Original Pictures (Date Unknown)

2008 Active Members

Front Row, L-R
- Joe Pinto Sr. "Assistant Safety Officer", Dave Owens "Second Lieutenant", Bob Owens "Chief", Ron Labar "Assistant Fire Chief", Denny Sylvester "First Lieutenant", Jeff Pritchard "Safety Officer"
Second Row, L-R - Rick Bruce, Bob Wolfe, Ernie Hase III, John Roberts, Matt Pinto, Scott Roberts, Scott Sylvester "RIT Captain", Jim Patti, Libby
Third Row, L-R - Len Thomas Jr., Rob Shoemaker, Jason Albert "Chief Engineer 3043", Brian Albert, Richard Hilbert, Joe Pinto Jr., George Schubert
Back Row, L-R - Jeff Altorfer, Mike Pinto, Dale Fisher, Greg Bisher, Dean Constable, Tom Buist, Nick Falcone "Chief Engineer 3013"


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