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Liberty Fire Co. #2 Social Hall



Original Social Hall (1938)

Bar Area (2006)


Social Room 2010

Social Room 2010


If you are interested in renting out our social hall for your next party please contact us at 610-588-2366 or contact us via e-mail.



During the early years 1908 to 1940s the social hall consisted of a dirt floor, cold stove and wooden round tables.
 In the late 1940’s a drinking licenses was acquired. In that time, the social area was renovated and a bar was purchased from the Lions Club.
 In September 1975, an expansion of a back room was approved and construction was started a few weeks later. The expansion was completed later that year. The new edition allowed Liberty Fire Co#2 to hold meetings, parties and other social events.
 During the early 1980’s Liberty Fire Co. #2 expanded their seating area by adding a concrete slab on the back end of the social hall. In 1986 a wood awning was added over the concrete slab, with these additions, it allowed for more seating their annual Carnival, held in July.
 In 1997 the bar area was ripped down and reconstructed to its current state. It included a new custom built bar, wood paneling, Trophy case and a handicap accessible bathroom.
 In 2004 a new stainless steel grill and deep fat fryer replaced our old conventional stove. The addition of these new items allowed Liberty to offer a limited but tasteful food menu.

In late 2009 reconstruction of the social room began.  The construction was done by Len Thomas Jr. & electrical was done by Ernie Hase III, both active members.  The construction was officially completed in January 2010. (Photo's)

Finally, on May 20 thru May 22nd 2010, the members of Liberty Fire Co. #2 replaced the roof of the pavilion.  This completed the overhaul of the social hall area.


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