The Dirty 30's "Smoke Eater" Coffee - Now Available !!
Fri. Feb 12th 2021

Now Available !!

Smoke Eater Coffee

ATTENTION COFFEE LOVERS! I'm pleased to announce that Oak & Crow Coffee is teaming up with Liberty Fire Company #2

to bring you the Dirty 30's "Smoke Eater" Dark Roast coffee. For each 12 oz bag purchased, Liberty Fire Company#2 will receive part of the proceeds. As you all know, volunteer organizations depend on fundraising to be able to purchase equipment, train and prepare to serve the citizens of the community and Covid has put a damper on those fundraising abilities. I can't thank Jacob enough for this wonderful opportunity. The "Smoke Eater" will be a South American dark roast made to satisfy the smoky/nutty/cocoa lover in you. As we are in the early stages of getting this rolling it is not currently available on the website but will be soon enough. Just wanted to give you all the heads-up of what the boys on the hill have in store for you. In the meantime, check out and see what else Jacob has to offer. I'm hoping you all will help make this a success, not just for us, but to help Jacob as well. As always, thank you for your support and stay safe.

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53 entries in the News

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